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Developmental editing focuses on the big picture. This includes taking a look at plot, structure, narrative arc, pacing, etc. Developmental editing can sometimes be called content, structural, or substantive editing but the focus is the same regardless.

I’ll be looking at the bones of your story to make sure that everything fits together well and to see where there is room for improvement. I will provide you with a detailed report outlining the strengths of the manuscript as well as my recommendations on areas to address.

Rates range from $.04 to $.045 per word.


If developmental editing is the big picture, copyediting is the close-up. Copyediting focuses on details at the sentence level—spelling, grammar, punctuation, mechanics of style, ensuring consistency, etc. Copyediting is the polish that makes your manuscript look professional.

I will mark edits using the Track Changes function in MS Word. I will also provide you with a Style Sheet, which is a list of style choices specific to your manuscript. This includes spelling of character names, formatting guidelines, choice of spelling for words with more than one option, hyphenation, etc. Having a reference list helps ensure consistency throughout the book or series.

Rates range from $.02 to $.25 per word.

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